Monday, October 13, 2014

Sian Prior author talk

This week at the Camberwell Library we were lucky enough to listen to Sian Prior talk about her memoir titled Shy.

Sian even though she has been a public figure over the last few decades  in her various roles as a journalist, a broadcaster, a musician, a composer and/or  a teacher just to name a few….she is an incredibly shy person.

Hard to believe I know, even after reading her book I still had doubts but after listening to Sian I now understand.

Sian calls herself “a shy extrovert”. She suffers from social anxiety or shyness and has so all her life.

Sian has developed two different personas, who have been known to have conversations with each other during difficult times.

There is the ‘Professional Sian’ who appears calm and confident on the surface and then there is the ‘Shy Sian’ who is often paralyzed by fear and anxiety and what if questions.

Throughout the book Sian shares with us some very personal stories from her own life. Many people who attended were able to relate to and sympathize with Sian’s past ; they also felt comfortable enough to open up and share some of their own experiences.

Sian also provided us with valuable information that she has discovered as a result of her own experiences and research during this time.

Sian understands that her shyness is not something that will ever go away and it will always be a part of her genetic makeup but she has learnt how to manage her condition on a daily basis.

This book is a must read for anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed in social situations or someone who constantly fears what others will think of them or suffers from embarrassment….. actually I think everyone could benefit from reading this book. So do yourself a favour and book a copy at your local Boroondara library.

This post was writte by Michele G at Camberwell Library.

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