Sunday, June 26, 2011

Striding Folly

Striding folly is a collection of three Dorothy L Sayers short stories featuring Peter Wimsey in his detective role. "Striding folly" and "The Haunted policeman" were originally published in 1939 and "Talboys" was written in 1942. All the stories date to a time after Peter and Harriet's marriage in Busman's Honeymoon. "The Haunted policeman" depicts him as a new father after the birth of Bredon whilst "Talboys" depicts him as the father of three boys and the mystery of the stolen peaches. Whilst they are all good stories and offer some insight into Lord Peter's later life, #shortstoriesarenotthesame :( The volume Striding folly also has an informative introductory essay by Janet Hitchman entitled "Lord Peter Wimsey and his creator" and that essay is well worth a read.

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