Saturday, June 18, 2011

One Bowl: Allergy free baking

Meet Linda Bosnic, author of One bowl: allergy free baking at Balwyn Library on Wednesday June 22nd at 7.30pm.

Linda Bosnic has always had a love for both cooking and writing.

When her nephew was diagnosed with anaphylaxis to dairy, nut and egg over eight years ago, Linda started to search for suitable recipes for him. Most of the cookbooks she found were complicated and time consuming so she worked on developing her own recipes.

Being a Mum of two young boys, she never had the time to get out the electric mixer so she made sure the recipes didn’t need one.

One Bowl: Allergy Free Baking’ is the result.

Linda is a passionate advocate for organic, fresh and artificial-free food. Her idea of a perfect weekend would involve baking with her children, digging in the backyard vegetable garden and visiting one of the local Farmer’s Markets to stock up on fresh produce.

Come and meet Linda (and maybe try one of her recipes)... by clicking here to book.

Balwyn Library

336 Whitehorse Road

Balwyn 3103.


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