Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Michael Robotham beats Stephen King (& J.K. Rowling) for the Gold Dagger

Congratulations to Michael Robotham who has won the prestigious CWA Gold Dagger for his novel Life or Death.

The Gold Dagger is presented every year by the British Crime Writers Association (CWA). It is awarded to the best crime novel of the year. It was first awarded in 1955 as the Crossed Red Herrings Reward. In 1960 it was renamed the Gold Dagger. 

Robotham is the second Australian author to win the award. The first was Peter Temple in 2007 (for The broken shore)

"Upon winning the Gold Dagger Robotham said, “I am honoured, humbled and over the bloody moon to win the Gold Dagger. This is partly to do with the illustrious shortlist, which contains some giants in the crime genre, but also because I won for a book that I truly believe is the best that I’ve written. A really cool author would tell you that literary prizes don’t mean very much – they’re like baby pageants where everybody thinks their little darling should win - but I’m not very cool. Tonight I may be sleeping with a dagger under my pillow.”"

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