Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A librarian's guide to New Year's resolutions

Don't have any New Year's resolutions yet?  Here's a librarian's guide to a better you to be found in the Dewey Decimal System on your library's shelves. 

Learn how to use your laptop, computer, ipad or phone better in the 005-006 area.   Get on board with Facebook, twitter, LinkdIn, Pinterest, Instagram or other social media in this section too.

Find happiness with 158.1.

Practice your mindfulness at 152.47 and 158.12.

Understand people and society better with a modern philosopher at 190.

Have better conversations in 302.346.

Handle your money better at 332.024. Invest in property at 332.6324. Learn about shares with 332.64294.

Help our child get the best out of their education at 371.

Get rid of all that extra stuff in your garage by selling it on ebay at 381.177.

Improve your dress style at 391.

Learn a new language in the 400s.  There's heaps to choose from - classics like French at 448 and Italian or something different like Croatian 491.838.

Learn more about our natural world in the 500s.  Astronomy 520, dinosaurs 567, plants 582. animals 590, birds 598.

Get fit at 613.  Choose from pilates 613.71 and yoga at 613.7046,  tai chi 613.7148, weights 613.713.

Find the diet that's right for you 613.25.

Handle your headspace better from 616 to 618.

Learn about electronics at 621.381.

Get into self sufficiency and organic life at 640.

Cook something new at 641.

Make a list of great new restaurants to visit at 647.

Vow to keep a clean house with 648.

Keep those kids under control by learning new parenting techniques in 649.

The 650-658 area has lots of books on leadership, business management.  Start fresh with getting a new job by improving your resume and interview skills.

Learn to sew with 646.

Find some sassy new makeup ideas and hairdoos at 646.72

Make a book by hand from 686.

Impress your friends with your art knowledge in 709.

Landscape your garden from 712.

Spruce up your home with a bit of interior design at 747.

Craft it up in the 745 area.

Start with watercolours in 751.4

Obsessed with selfies?  Learn how to take better photographs at  770.

Put your great movie idea into practice at 777 with film production.

Show off your lyrical voice and start to sing with 783.043. 

Learn how to play a musical instrument - piano 786, drums 786.8, guitar 787.87, the flute 788.314.

Find some inspiration for the dance floor at 793.

Take up a sport - football 796.324, basketball 796.323, cricket 796.358, golf 796.352.

Improve your running speed and style at 796.4252.

Get faster on you deadly treadly with a book on better cycling at 796.6.

At 797 learn to sail or skipper a boat.

Get out to the hills with horse riding at 798.2.

Go underwater in the 797.2304 by learning how to scuba dive.  Head out into the surf waves at 797.32.

Get better at giving speeches with 808.5.

Try your hand at writing at 808.042.

Get to know the world better in the 900s with loads of history, travel, geography, war histories, memoirs and biographies.

Or just vow to read more fiction with our excellent range of new authors, old time favourites and classics including ebooks from Overdrive and Bolinda using Borrow Box.

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