Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Decorating with books

 Melbourne Rare Book Week starts tomorrow and in honour of all things book let's get decorating.

Geddes-Brown, Leslie.
Books do furnish a room
As all book lovers know, a collection of books affords not only access to endless pleasure and knowledge, but also when skilfully deployed around the home, the opportunity to create a myriad of different impressions. In this beautifully illustrated guide, self-confessed bibliophile Geddes-Brown offers inspirational solutions and practical tips on how to make the most of books in every room and forgotten nook of the house.


Johnson, Alex.
 A title that will appeal to those interested in book culture as well as furniture and interior design, "Bookshelf" is the first publication to take bookshelf design as its subject.

 Ellis, Estelle.
At home with books: how booklovers live with and care for their libraries
 Includes professional advice on editing and categorizing your library; caring for your books; preserving, restoring, and storing rare books; finding out-of-print books; and choosing furniture, lighting, and shelving.

Powers, Alan. 
Living with books
Everyone has books—but most people simply put them on a shelf, neglecting more creative ways to make their treasures an integral part of the interior design. Alan Powers’ witty, elegant guide to showcasing your precious volumes will change all that. Going room to room, from kitchens to hallways, he reveals inspirational ways that books can create character in the home. Stunningly photographed images from around the world display large-scale libraries, as well as such ingenious space-saving devices as enclosed book lofts; shelves cleverly tucked into stairways; and narrow wall-mounted boarding that fits snugly behind a chair

Proeller Hueston, Marie.
House beautiful : decorating with books : use your library to enhance your decor
 Opening the pages of a book can instantly carry you off to another world. But did you realize that, open or closed, books can also make your real world--your home--more fabulous? As legendary designer Billy Baldwin pointed out, they're “the best decoration,” capable of bringing incredible warmth, color, and character to a room. From grand bookcases in home libraries to casual stacks artfully arrayed on chairs, House Beautiful presents countless eye-catching ideas for displaying and arranging your hardcovers, paperbacks, encyclopedias, and even valuable first editions.

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  1. Nice post for Rare Books Week! Books and bookshelves are just great decorative items.