Sunday, July 15, 2012

PD Martin at Ashburton Library

If you missed the author talk by PD Martin at Ashburton Library, here's an update!

Philipa asks the audience which cover they prefer.
PD (also known as Philipa) started her path to writing through singing and writing songs.  Then she wrote her first book and sent it off to a publisher.  While it didn't get published she kept writing and writing, each book getting better and better.  Finally, she hit gold with Body count.  The main character, Sophie Anderson, starred in five more books!

Philipa's book shelf is full of 'not very nice' books - on murder, dead bodies, serial killers. She has received some fantastic advice from a friend on where to dump bodies in Los Angeles for her book The Killing Hands.   Even so, she had almost finished writing it and even she didn't know who the murderer was!

Body count was based on a real nightmare that PD kept having.  She has interviewed real life vampires for an article she wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald.  Philippa loves the ebook world - she says it's great for authors and readers alike.  

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