Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Find out more about ANZAC  day with these books from your library's collection.

Anzac's dirty dozen : twelve myths of Australian military history. Edited by Craig Stockings.
Dispels some of the myths around the Australia in War.  It goes beyond the emotional hype of national identity rhetoric and tries to tell the story straight!

ANZACS on the Western Front : the Australian War Memorial battlefield guide. Peter Pedersen with Chris Roberts.
This is the definitive book about the ANZAC battles from 1916 to  1918 researched and written by the Head of Research at the Australian War Memorial, Dr Peter Pedersen.

Anzac and empire : George Foster Pearce and the foundations of Australian defence. John Connor.
This biograpraphy of Australia's longest serving defence minister who planned and fought in World War I. Understand more about this war through this amazing person.

The Anzacs. Patsy Adam-Smith.
This is a classic book. The author read over 8000 dairies and letters in order to compile this book of the accounts of ANZAC soldiers.  Winner of The Age Book of the Year in 1978.

Armageddon : two men on a faded Anzac trail Paul Daley and Michael Bowers.
Almost one hundred years after Australia fought the Turkish Army in the middle east Paul and MIchael take the route themselves. They followed in the footsteps of the ANZAC soldiers and try to tell their stories.

The August offensive : ANZAC, 1915 David W. Cameron
This book details the tactical and strategic elements involved in The August Offensive or ANZAC breakout at Gallopoli. The offensive was designed without taking into consideration the difficult terrian of Gallopoil and it cost the ANZACs dearly.

Exploring Gallipoli : an Australian Army battlefield guide Glenn Wahlert
Take this with you if you're planning a trip to Gallopoli as it will help you explore the important sites and events.  There are maps and routes and a CD-ROM with MP3 files to listen to

Gallipoli  John Masefield
Written by the English poet, this classic book was one of the first to tell the story of the battle at Gallopoli.  It's easy to read and is still relevant today.

Pozières : the Anzac story Scott Bennett
During the first Somme battle, thousands of Australians battled in Pozieres, France.  They won the battle but suffered many losses.  This book uses letters and diaries to tell the story of those who lost their lives and those who returned home; broken men.

Unbroken WR (Bob) Beecroft
It is 1941, and the German High Command has sent General Irwin Rommel and the Afrika Korps to bolster the faltering Italian ground forces in North Africa and take over the beleaguered fortress of Tobruk. The defenders hang on grimly, but prisoners are taken on both sides in the ebb and flow of battle. Unbroken is the true story of Australian POWs, their capture, their attempted escapes and their ultimate liberation.