Saturday, February 18, 2012

We have lift off!

We launched the National Year of Reading at Kew Library on Tuesday with Dave O'Neil, P.D. Martin and the Boroondara Mayor, Councillor Heinz Kreutz. 

The Mayor launched us officially into this exciting year by talking about how important reading should everybody.  Dave O'Neil's kids love to read but sometimes books don't answer all their questions.  So, of course, they ask Dad. 'How does grass grow, Dad?'  Dave was also in trouble with his wife because he went to Kew Library on Valentine's Day and she wasn't able to go to her bookclub.  But Dave reckons all she does at her bookclub is drink wine and discuss Team Edward versus Team Jacob. (His wife is Team Edward).  But we think bookclubs are lots of fun and we needs to have discussions about books...even if it's about Edward vs Jacob!

P. D. Martin said she was nervous about speaking after a comedian but we loved her!  She is a writer, a reader and a mum so she knows the importance of reading!   She says it's hard to read when you're writing because you want to make sure you're still using your own voice and continue to develop your own style.  But she is determined to read more this year for the National Year of Reading.  She also read a small section of her new novel - something that no one else has heard before!  We can't wait for her new book!

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