Monday, December 26, 2011

Blogging the 12 days of christmas. Day 2

Boxing Day in Melbourne.


The Boxing day test at the MCG.

Six and out - Non Fiction.

Wisden's cricket almanac. Published annually. Everything you wanted to know about cricket but were afraid to ask.

Ryan, Christian. Australia: story of a cricket country. A selection of Australia's best writers share their thoughts on different aspects of the game and its place in our national culture; from bowling, captaincy and scoring, to alcohol, media and literature.

Hawkes, Chris. World cricket records 2012. If you ever get into an argument about cricket facts and stats, anywhere in the world, "World Cricket Records 2012" will not only provide you with the definitive answer, it will also give you loads of additional information that will amaze your audience.

Ford, Daniel. A fan's guide to world cricket. A guide to some of the world's top cricket teams and their homes. It covers the various test teams, including history, their test and ODI records, championships won, key players and the grounds. It also contains information about the cities and countries of each team, including local culture, the best attractions and great places to eat and drink.

Cannane, Steve. First tests: great Australian cricketers and the backyards that made them. The backyard has been the real academy of Australian cricket. Don Bradman′s unique grip, stance and backlift all evolved in response to the pace at which the golf ball rebounded off the tank stand in his backyard games. Greg Chappell′s trademark flick off the hip shot was invented on his backyard wicket where the best scoring opportunities lay on the leg side. Alan Davidson bowled accurately because he had to. If he missed the stumps on his home-made pitch, he had to chase the ball down the hill into the scrub. Doug Walters played spin with ease because his ant-bed backyard pitch spun like a top. Neil Harvey′s immaculate footwork came from playing balls that darted viciously off the cobblestones in his back lane.

Batchelder, Alf. Only yesterday: Don Bradman at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. from acclaimed sports writer Alf Batchelder, author of the magnificent history of the Melbourne Cricket Club 'Pavilions in the Park', a gripping account of the exploits of The Don at the MCG. The great man's Melbourne performances are set in the context of events surrounding him in Australia and overseas.

Santhanam, Vijay. If cricket is a religion, Sachin is God. Sachin Tendulkar is in Australia with the Indian cricket team. The 'little master' is one of the greatest cricketers of all time and this book looks at his cricket and his country.

Thompson, Harry. Penguins stopped play: eleven village cricketers take on the world. A group of unlikely cricketers attempt to play cricket on every continent. Their Antarctica match is particularly amusing as a group of penguins wandered onto the pitch to check out the action.


Greenwood, Kerry. Death before wicket. Phryne Fisher is on holiday. She means to take the train to Sydney (where the harbour bridge is being built), go to a few cricket matches, dine with the Chancellor of the university and perhaps go to the Arts Ball with that celebrated young modernist, Chas Nutall. She has the costume of a lifetime and she's not afraid to use it.

McInnes, WIlliam. Cricket Kings. Step into the lives of a team of regular middle-aged men who meet each week to play cricket in their local park. They don't seem to be extraordinary - they are just like the rest of us - but like everyone, they each have a story to tell.

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