Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Foxey's hangout

On Monday night author Cathy Gowdie entertained 35 people at Ashburton Library with the story behind her winery.

Cathy told us that her first idea for a book was a coffee table style book exploring the technique of winemaking. Her publisher, however, was very keen for her to write a personal account of life on the vineyard.

As a journalist, Cathy struggled with putting herself in the story. But 'Foxey's hangout', the end product, is part recipe book, part journal of a year in the vineyard, part local history mystery.

She talked about the degrees of 'localness' in Red Hill and how the book (and cellar door) has been received by her neighbours.

She also tempted readers by detailing part of the story behind the Foxey's hangout label; the 1930's murder of 'Old Jack' in Red Hill.

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