Thursday, April 22, 2010

The conscious cook: sustainable cooking and living

Giselle Wilkinson spoke at Ashburton Library last Friday.

Giselle is the author of "The conscious cook : sustainable cooking and living". She was a very informative speaker who has done years of research into food production in order to write her book. She talked about why she wrote the book and how she tried to approach the different elements of her book. She spoke about her personal experience, trying to balance her love for food and the consequences of its production.

She loves strawberries and avocado but tries only to eat them when they are in season; she describes them as a treat and therefore enjoys them more than she used to.

In trying to eat ethically, she discussed, we should decide how important certain issues are for us and then how we choose our food.

Giselle is a founder member of the Sustainable Living Foundation.

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