Monday, June 23, 2014

Book review - The death of bees

The death of bees by  Lisa O'Donnell.

An unusual coming of age story about love, death and how to decide if someone will make a good friend.  Marnie and her little sister discover that their drug addicted parents have died.  One of an overdose, the other in heartbroken suicide.  Of course, instead of telling anyone they keep the secret to themselves and continue on.  They have been fending for themselves for a long time, can't they just keep doing that?  Marnie is a grown up teenager who longs to be a teenager and have fun, go out all night and let her hair down.  Her sister, Nelly, is a good girl but a little odd.  At least they have each other.

But, maybe not for long.  Lennie, the funny  man next door feels badly for the girls.  Always left alone by their parents, never properly cared for.  He can't help but step in and make sure the girls are fed and clothed properly.  They are all getting along just fine in this new family but will it all come crashing down?

Told in first person by the three main characters, this book is sad, funny and thoughtful, all at the same time.  These characters will fill your heart long after you have finished reading.

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