Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sofie Laguna wins Miles Franklin Award

Sofie Laguna has won the 2015 Miles Franklin Prize for her novel The eye of the sheep.

Judges Notes:

"Commenting on behalf of the judging panel, State Library of New South Wales Mitchell Librarian, Richard Neville, commented that ‘the power of this finely crafted novel lies in its raw, high-energy, coruscating language which is the world of young Jimmy Flick, who sees everything. But his manic x-ray perceptions don’t correspond with the way others see his world. His older brother understands him some of the time, and his mother almost all of the time, but other people, including his violent father, just see him as difficult. Weathering successive waves of domestic violence, Jimmy navigates his way through the shoals of alcohol-abuse, illness and tragedy that swamp his parents, and ultimately reaches the possibility of equanimity. The Eye of the Sheep is an extraordinary novel about love and anger, and how sometimes there is little between them."

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