Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#MWF14 Nick Earls

Nick is a prolific Australian writer having produced around 19 books across a wide range of genres and age ranges. I first read his work when I was a Youth Services librarian trying to read teen fiction. It was After January and it made me see that teen fiction wasn't just for teens, I loved it.
His latest is an adult book Analogue men which has been described as the existential crisis of a man approaching fifty. It encompasses some of the big themes of family, middle age, technology and of course running {Nick runs daily}. Andrew Van Fleet is downscaling his career by taking a job managing a struggling Brisbane radio station in an effort to reconnect with his family: his wife Robyn a busy GP, his two teenagers and his father who is grappling with a serious illness. Nick is a warm and engaging speaker with some great one-liners and Analogue men is a humorous and tender book which reminds me quite a bit of a recent favourite The Full ridiculous by Australian author Mark Lamprell.
Check out Nick Earls' books here.

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