Thursday, January 2, 2014

Summer Read - Is it just me?


You know what I want?
I want to be able to have fun wherever I am.
I want to laugh. All. The. Time.
I want to have one holiday every year with my family where we have no plans and nowhere else to be.
I want to watch less television and read more books.
I want to be able to whinge about never being able to be alone any more, then, after someone organises a hotel room voucher for me, I want to spend the evening eating chips (that I don’t like) from a cylinder and missing my children to the point of tears.

From weight to wee, children to crap dates, nothing is off limits for Chrissie Swan, self-confessed ‘over-sharer’. Celebrity, friendship, love, being a working mum, ‘having it all’ and the general chaos of life – Is It Just Me? is Chrissie at her hilarious, candid and fearless best.

Chrissie Swan is host of Can of Worms and co-host of MIX 101.1’s breakfast show in Melbourne and The 3pm Pick-Up nationally. Find Chrissie on Twitter: @ChrissieSwan


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