Sunday, September 2, 2012

2012 Davitt Awards - the winners.

Sisters in Crime Australia named the Davitt awards in honour of Ellen Davitt (1812-1879) who wrote Australia’s first mystery novel, Force and Fraud  in 1865.

Davitt Award: Adult Fiction
Jaye Ford, Beyond Fear 
Sulari Gentill, A Decline in Prophets  
Carolyn Morwood, Death and the Spanish Lady 
Jennifer Rowe, Love Honour & O'Brien  
Kim Westwood, The Courier’s New Bicycle 
Helene Young, Shattered Sky  

And the winner is:

A decline in prophets. Sulari Gentill

Davitt Award: Children’s/Young Adult
Ursula Dubosarsky, The Golden Day  
Nansi Kunze, Dangerously Placed  
Meg McKinlay, Surface Tension 

And the winner is:

Surface tension. Meg McKinlay

Davitt Award: True Crime
Wendy Lewis, The Australian Book of Family Murders 
Liz Porter, Cold Case Files: Past crimes solved by new forensic science 

And the winner is:

Cold case files. Liz Porter

                                                  Davitt Award: Debut Crime

Eligible books in all categories compete for the Davitt Award for Debut Crime, the first time Sisters in Crime will present such an award.

And the winner is:

Beyond fear. Jaye Ford

Davitt Award: Reader's Choice Award
All members of Sisters in Crime are eligible to vote in this category.
The award was shared by

The brotherhood. Y.A. Erskine                            Beyond fear. Jaye Ford.

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