Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shades more colourful than grey

Are you still waiting for your copy of Fifty shades of Grey?  Try some of these to warm up the cold nights.

Linda Jaivin writes sassy, witty, funny stories about strong women.  Guaranteed to get a laugh! Try Confessions of an S&M virgin, Eat me & Rock n roll babes from outer space
Before Shades of Grey was even was thought of Anais Nin pushing the boundaries and expectations of women.  Try  Delta of Venus or Little Birds.
Henry Miller published The tropic of Cancer in 1934 The tropic of Capricorn in 1938 which was semi-autobiographical and banned in the US until 1961. 
D. H. Lawrence - Lady Chatterley's lover has been one of the most controversial books ever published.
Nancy Friday explores the fantasies of actual women. She has written several collections of real-life interviews with everyday women.  Forbidden flowers is a classic!
Sylvia Day - Bared to you feels very similar to Shades of Grey except it's darker and grittier!
Tobsha Learner has written several books of erotic short stories - Quiver, Tremble and Yearn. These are well-written and sophisticated.
Erica Jong - Fear of flying was published in 1973 but it's still a great story of awakening and has strong feminist themes.
Judith Krantz - Scruples follows Billy (a woman) through various relationships as she works the Beverley Hills boutique.
Vladimir Nabokov - Lolita. Speaking of scruples...or not having any, middle aged Humbert becomes obsessed with 12 year old Dolores (who he nicknames Lolita). Controversial but beautifully written.
Krissy Kneen wrote Affection which is a very honest but tender autobiography.  It has strong psychological themes but is very personal.  Triptych is her follow up novel.

Perhaps you would prefer a collection of short stories by different authors.  Here is a list.

Some other authors to check out are Laurell K Hamilton and Jacqueline Carey.  However, these include paranormal themes.

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