Monday, October 3, 2011

New Gardening books in your library

Spring is here (even thought it's freezing as I write this) which is a great time for gardeners.  Have a look at these brand new gardening books in your library to help you along the garden path!

Attracting butterflies to your garden  Densey Clyne

Butterflies just can't help themselves when it comes to certain plants. This book describes the life cycles of 32 of the most common butterflies in Australian gardens.  It also helps you select the best plants if you want these beauties in your garden.

Drugs in pots : over 40 home-made remedies for everyday ailments / Anne McIntyre

This book's title might give you the wrong idea! It's really just a guide to some of the plants that have excellent medicinal value.  It has 40 natural remedies which you can use to soothe common health problems - all with things from your garden!

The edible balcony : how to grow fresh food in a small space plus 60 inspiring recipes  Indira Naidoo
Indira used to read the news on SBS but more recently she has become interested in food and where it comes from.  She has a tiny 13th floor balcony and has converted it into a vegie garden. She takes you through the seasons on her balcony and includes some delicious things to do with your produce. It's a great read even if you don't have a balcony!

Kitchen gardens of Australia : eighteen productive gardens for inspiration and practical advice  Kate Herd 
Gardeners from all over Australia share their secrets to successful produce gardening including surviving drought conditions to environmentally friendly pest control.  There are garden plans and histories

The new ornamental garden / Simon Rickard

Another great book from CSIRO, this one tries to look at Australian gardening practices with fresh eyes.  It helps gardeners select the right plants for their location and also helps you consider microclimates.  The plant index is very useful and extensive.
Simon Rickard talks at Kew Library on 17 November, make a booking now!

The best gardens in Italy : a traveller's guide / Kirsty McLeod
Italy has been experiencing a gardening renaissance recently and there are some fascinating gardens springing up (no pun intended). Some old historic gardens are also being rescued and brought back to life. This books take you on a tour of the best gardens and shows you their story with beautiful photographs.

Garden designers at home : the private spaces of the world's leading designers Noel Kingsbury
Slip through the garden gate of these famous garden designers to see what they do in their own backyard! These gardens are often experiments which have unusual plants or new and different way of dealing with the garden space! You might be surprise by what our famous garden designers prefer for their themselves.

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